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Jolly Ball

Available in Red, Teal, Blue and Purple in all sizes.

This extraordinary play ball is not like all the others. Puncturing and biting will not destroy this ball – does not need air to inflate!

#410 10” Jolly Ball w/handle
#408 8” Jolly Ball w/handle
#406 6” Jolly Ball w/handle
#445 4-1/2” Jolly Ball w/handle


Scented Jolly Ball

Available in Peppermint and Apple!

#410 P Peppermint
#410 A Apple

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Jolly Stall Snack™

Available in 4 flavors: Apple, Mint, Carrot & Molasses

The Jolly Stall Snack and the Jolly Stall Snack Combo with Apple Scented Jolly Ball are sure to alleviate stall boredom. Durable Apple shaped holder contains a nutritious snack for any horse.

The SS203 comes with the ever popular Apple scented 8" Jolly Ball attached. SS203 ships with Apple flavor snack only.

#SS201A Apple Flavor Jolly Stall Snack
#SS201M Mint Flavor Jolly Stall Snack
#SS201C Carrot Flavor Jolly Stall Snack
#SS204A Apple Flavor Refill
#SS204M Mint Flavor Refill
#SS204C Carrot Flavor Refill
#SS204MOL Molasses Flavor Refill
#SS203 Jolly Stall Snack Combo with 8" Jolly Ball attached (includes apple flavor snack)

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- Super durable stall boredom toy.
- Rotating device allows horse to massage its gums for hours.
- Manufactured from an Apple scented
innovative polymer for extra strength.
- Mounting Hardware included.


#414 – Plastic Play Ball

14” diameter hard plastic play ball with toggle; hangs in the horse’s stall

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#899 –
Jolly Apple

9” X 9” candy apple red toy is apple scented to encourage play. Hangs in the horse’s stall to alleviate boredom; distracts from chewing and cribbing



AG100 – Amazing Graze

Durable, thick walled plastic treat dispenser allows treats to be gravity fed; Ample space for horse treats (apples, carrots, alfafa cubes, etc); 4” access hole is easy to open and close and large enough for convenient cleaning.

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