"I really feel that this product heals wounds better than anything else on the market.  The epithelial tissue grows in quickly and cleanly.  Wounds appear to heal in half the time I would expect them to given their size.  Clients seem to be equally satisfied with the results of using Equaide.  I highly recommend this product." 


Kathryn Baxendell, DVM

Equaide is the most effective solution for the treatment of cuts, wounds, abrasions and proud flesh for horses available today.


Equaide was first developed for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as Proud Flesh, for the thoroughbred industry.


Equaide not only prevents the formation of granulation tissue, but dissolves even the worst cases of proud flesh without harming healthy tissue.


Eliminating the need for surgery.


Equaide is also very effective in  treating cuts and wounds with miraculous speed while preventing infection and promoting hair growth.  Wire cuts, scrapes, punctures, cracked heels, saddle sores, dew poisoning, rain rot lesions and bites heal quickly and more completely with a reduced chance of scarring.

The First and Last Aid for

 the treatment of:


Proud Flesh

Wire Cuts




Florida Sores

Cracked Heels

Saddle Sores, etc.


Equaide has been used by equine veterinarians and thoroughbred trainers and is now available directly to the public.

Safe and effective.  Equaide won't burn, blister, slough or scar, and there are no white hairs.  The Equaide solution is in a water base, not alcohol.

Our unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue.

"I have been meaning to write for some time about your product.  We purchased our show mare Memorial Day weekend 2002 and on July 4th weekend 2002 she was injured in a fence accident and severely cut her right front leg below the back of the knee.


Our vet tried over the next several weeks to keep cutting off the ever growing proud flesh.  Each time this would cost us between $100 and $200 and we were not getting any progress after the proud flesh was cut off; we were right back to square one with no healing at all.  I searched the internet in the last week of July, and found your website.  I discussed it with my husband, we were hesitant to believe everything on an internet website, but decided the cost of approx. $40 was worth the risk if it worked since the vetís  $100 + remedies were not working at all.  We could not believe it, within several days of using the Equaide,  healing started and the proud flesh was dissolving.


Now I recommend your product to everyone I know and my vet has ordered  a jar to keep on hand in her office.  I was so upset when the accident happened that the thought of taking pictures was not even considered.  Now I wish I would have taken pictures because no one would believe the injury she had and how her leg looks now.  There is a very minimal scar  and the hair has grown back over the area in her original hair color, not white  and her leg looks completely normal!


Our mare will be competing at the Appaloosa Youth World  the first week in July.  So in exactly one year we have gone from what we thought might turn out to be a horse that could only be used for a brood mare to a potential National Champion.  Thank you so much and I will keep spreading the good word about your product Equaide.  Not everything on the internet is a scam."


Cheryl Rich

Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds and is specially balanced so that it does not harm the surrounding healthy tissue.

Equaide was also formulated so that the solution won't run or drip off of wounds and can even be used without bandaging (though bandaging is encouraged).  Equaide also includes a fly repellant, a necessity in the barn environment. 

We are confident that Equaide is the best solution for the treatment of Proud Flesh and wounds available today.  Please look at a few of the cases that our customers have let us share with you; our customers tell the story the best.   We are sure that you will agree that results from Equaide are truly amazing.


Equaide Solution

2 ounce jar of solution in an oversize jar for easy mixing and application, a mixing stick and applicator, bandaging and care instructions.  One ounce typically provides three weeks of treatment for an average wound.  Serious wounds tend to require five to six weeks of treatment.